hi!!! I am the singer in Mooncult, my name is Raven Mystere. 

I started out in Echo Park, Los Angeles about six years ago in 2017. 

Having a band takes time I always heard that, but damn I guess it’s true. By 2018 I had the LA band that would last awhile. Phil Cobb, lead guitar;  Mark Mallory, bass/keys; and David Davis (drums). David had previously played with Adam Ant which I was excited about. He played with us for awhile, but didn’t stay in the band, however he did meet his wife at a Mooncult show! Phil, Mark, and I continued on with Chris Mercado on the drums. We recorded the album with Dante White Aliano (Oozelles, Dante vs Zombies) there in the neighborhood. 

"There is no doubt that had BBC's John Peel been able to he would have played MOONCULT. That is because Mooncult deliver alternative sounds that deliver next level soundscapes on their debut, "Swallow Me Whole."

"Swallow Me Whole" opens with lead single "Grips the Air", and whether its the haunting ways of the music or the way Raven Mystere's Nico-esque vocals almost feel ethereal - its a captivating opener that encourages listeners there is so much more awaiting throughout. Songs like "Feeling Good" "Until We Say Never Again" and "Die Tonight" round out this record with indie notes that have a shoegaze hue."

 Mooncult’s debut “Swallow Me Whole” came out in 2020.  

Obviously the pandemic messed so many things up. 

I moved to NYC, but I didn’t want to walk away from the project. So I was back to the drawing board and looking for members, but now the vision was sure. I’m happy to announce that now I’ve been in NYC and playing with the new Brooklyn Mooncult for over a year now. Theres Rajeev Ananda on lead guitar, Connor Doyle on bass/rhythm, and Tia Cestaro slaying on the drums. Things are starting to feel very electric. 

"...layers of shoegazey guitars barely dominated by Mystere's somber monochord croon, which sprawls during the catchy chorus."

After two years playing with the new lineup we’ve started recording our second album! The first single release will be 4/23/23!